Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Posting new sewing tutorial for FOE-less Diaper covers.

I've been making diaper covers like crazy for my son and bun in the oven. I ordered what I considered a bad batch of FOE elastic from my usual diaper notion source. The FOE turned out to be super stiff and had no comfortable give, leaving obviously uncomfortable red marks around my son's legs. I was disappointed because I paired the FOE with super adorable PUL prints.

But before I decided to throw them into my cloth diaper graveyard, I decided to simply cut out the inner leg gusset FOE, leaving just the outer leg gussets with exposed PUL raw edge. VIOLA! Problem solved! Now I have super cute diaper covers without the FOE inner gussets that my son can comfortably wear.

Turns out even without the inner leg gussets the diaper turned out to be %100 functional for wet diapers. But, the inner gussets has been my #1 defense against blow outs, so it is still worth it for me to add them to the diaper covers I sew. NOTHING has ever gotten past the inner gussets I've sewn into the diaper covers.

I have a lot of fabric and little time to sew them up before the baby gets here. And sewing the inner leg gussets are time consuming to say the least. I will be using the rest of the PUL I have at hand to make FOE-less diaper covers with a simple PUL binding. This will be a GREAT tutorial for Diaper designers who are just getting started.

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  1. Nice blog, found you through the CD sewing facebook group. Any tips/videos for sewing foe on pul? TIA!