Thursday, April 10, 2014

The aftermaths of Selling my car

We sold my car a month ago, officially making us a one car family! It has genuinly been the best decision we have ever made in our marriage.

Our conversations went from "Do we have enough money to pay the bills?"  to "What are we going to spend all the extra money on....I guess we it."

We celebrated, went out to a nice restaurant (I consider Applebees "fancy") I bought a new dress guilt free. I never bought anything for myself guilt free! I meet my husband for his lunch hour to sit down and eat at a food court. It's really nice seeing him in the middle of the work day. Sad to say, we spent a good portion of our savings on eating out, but we never felt so financially secured.

The Conflict: I am 20+weeks pregnant, and I had preterm labor symptoms. I dropped my husband off at work and prepared my son for the stay at labor and delivery triage. After I realized that I was going to be there several hours, I texted my husband to get to the hospital ASAP, so that my 15month old didn't have to sit a stroller for an undetermined amount of time.
 It never f***ing occured to me that there was no way my husband could get to the hospital because I had the truck. So after sending him 20 text messages about getting his behind to the hospital, he called me and calmly reminded me that he had no way to get to the hospital from his work because I had both the car and the bank card, so he can't pay for a taxi.
 So I had to deal. I turned out to be perfectly fine, my son quietly sat and watched sponge bob on the Television while eating the snacks I brought. And we left after just a few hours after the Doctor cleared me.

It was just a reminder of some of the difficulties that come with being a one car family. But I am still very happy with the decision we made.

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