Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The benefits of having babies close together. Low cost Baby#2

As of today, I am 12weeks along with my second pregnancy. This baby was "kinda" planned. Literally the day after we decided to start trying to conceive baby#2, I changed my mind. I wanted to focus on Bikini season (not that I would have been wearing one lol). So 4 weeks later, I took a pregnancy test just to be completely sure that I wasn't pregnant...Well I am.

So now it's time to revisit the conversation about the cost of having another baby. Because we kept everything from our first son, there isn't much we have to buy. We kept the infant car seat, all of Connor's clothes. We still have a bassinet. We have cloth diapers that are still in perfect condition. We kept the bottles and pacifiers. Infant tubs, changing table, infant carrier.

The things we do need to purchase, to accommodate a growing toddler, is a Toddler bed frame, a new crib mattress, a double jogger stroller. And a booster seat for when Baby#2 grows out of the infant carrier and moves up to Connors Car seat.

I am a huge fan of Hand-me-downs. All of Connors clothes come from children thrift stores. With baby #2, it won't be any different. except they will be hand down from big brother Connor. And with the babies being close together in age, All of the baby items we have are still in excellent condition.

When i was pregnant with Connor, buying all of the things we needed for a baby was so expensive. But now with baby#2 coming, I can look forward to the new addition and not worry about buying expensive baby furniture.

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