Monday, February 3, 2014

The Staple of my household. Cloth diapers for $80!

  Making the decision to cloth diaper was not an easy one for me. I already had a laundry pile mountain high waiting to be folded. And I couldn't imagine cleaning poop! eeewww!

 But the money savings was something I could simply not ignore. People spend on average $3000 on disposables per child. Cloth diapers would cost as little as $200 and can be used for multiple children. I am no environmentalist, saving money is my motivation!  With my son being 2 months old, I dived right in!

  I started off with flats and covers! I purchased 25 flour sack towels from wal-mart at $1 a piece. Two days worth of diapers for only $25! I was lucky enough to have a cloth diaper store in my area where I purchased 6 diaper covers for $54. So far, that's about $80 bucks for two days of diapering!

I have been an intermediate seamstress for about 8 years so I began to sew cloth diapers for my son. I made everything from pockets, fitteds, All-in-twos, covers, Hybrid Fitteds, and many others. But my favorite most reliable diaper till this day is Flour sack towels "stuffed" with a microfiber towel.

I sew my own diaper covers now. The material for each cover come up to about $2. So If I had to restart my entire diaper stash. I wouldn't spend more than $70!

$25- Flour Sack Towels x25
$30- Microfiber Towels x30
$12- Mommy made diaper covers x6
$69 for 2 days worth of diapers!!!

$70+ on cloth diapering vs $3000 in disposables. For that amount of savings, I can handle scrubbing poop!

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