Tuesday, February 4, 2014

"Upgrading" to a one car family

Before I had my son, I worked full time. Having two cars was a must!! Since then, I decided to stay home with our son, but being down a paycheck and still paying two hefty car notes with double the insurance, things become consistently tight around the household.

A year later after giving birth to our son, I find myself never leaving the neighborhood. My family lives on a military station. There are playgrounds for my son every corner, the Commisary and NEX is a short walking distance. The gym is a power walking distance away. Everything I need is already stocked at home.

My beloved car is parked in the garage, where I only take her out maybe once a week for a night time joy ride with our son.

I don't like to imagine selling my car, she's a really sexy ride. A sleek black sporty car fit for a car lover. But selling my car will be the smartest financial decision my husband and I will have ever made. We will be saving over $500 a month! We will be so much better off as a one car family.

My husband and I can go out on dates night more often. I can get my hair and nails done regularly.
Buy more sewing supplies, buy even more toys for our son. Finally decorate our very bare home! And most importantly, put money into a savings account and finally have piece of mind. Sounds like an upgrade to me!

We Practiced. My husband works almost 10 minutes away. I got our son ready and buckled him in the truck, I put on my mommy pants and a jacket over whatever T shirt I was wearing that night. And drove my husband to work for his overnight shift. My son Connor and I got up 6am in the morning, put on whatever we had on last night, and very sleepily picked up my husband from work. We made it there 5 minutes after his shift ended and he was standing outside in the freezing cold like an abandoned puppy.
 "Can you at least try to be early!?" What a whiner he was....
And then on our way back home, I ended up getting pulled over by the military police for going 21mph in a 10mph zone. Who the hell drives that slow! I got a freaking citation, and a wag of a finger.

So we finally make it home. I asked him how our one car practice went. "Minus the speeding citation, it wasn't that bad."

We already have a buyer for my car. It will be sold this Friday. Being a one car family is not doable for every family, but I think it's a conversation every family should consider. And practice for a day!

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  1. We are also a one car family. Though we have no children, we both work. I prefer to take the bus around so it works out pretty well despite the crazy winters we have.